The "Alves, Gomes e Carvalho, Lda.," with its registered office at Avenida 1º de Maio n.º 76/78, 5000 – 651 Vila Real, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Vila Real under the unique registration and corporate taxpayer number 501243720, hereinafter referred to as Hotel Miracorgo or "PHG," makes available the website, hereinafter referred to as the "Hotel Miracorgo Domain," acting as the data controller for the personal data processed within the scope of this Cookie Policy.

The Data Controller uses Cookies to maintain the website secure and functional, enhance user performance and experience, and promote its own products and services or the products and services of its business partners.

This Cookie Policy ("Cookie Policy" or "Policy") governs how cookies will be collected, stored, and used, as well as how the information gathered through them on this website ("Website") will be handled. This Policy should be complemented by applicable legislation in this area as necessary.

Please note that this Policy does not apply to third-party websites that can be accessed through links provided on the Website. Additionally, this Policy does not regulate data processing carried out by third parties when they obtain data through installed cookies. These processing operations will be the responsibility of the third parties collecting them.

You, as a user, can configure your preferences regarding the cookies used on the Website at any time through the tool provided in Section 6 (Security, Management, and Blocking of Cookies).

It's important to note that some cookies may allow your identification and, depending on your permissions, they may collect your personal data. In this regard, you should also read and become acquainted with the Privacy Policy available here, which clarifies and complements this Cookie Policy.

1. What are Cookies?
Cookies are small information files, usually in .html format, stored by a website on your device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). This Policy regulates all cookies and other technological means of tracking the user, such as tags, pixel tags, web beacons, user IDs, or other technological means that may be developed (collectively referred to as "Cookies").

On each visit to the Website, your browser allows access to the cookies installed on your device, enabling the recognition and storage of the identifier associated with you (when applicable), as well as the immediate activation of your usage preferences. The Website will only install Cookies on your device with your express consent, except in cases where they are strictly necessary for the operation of the website.

Regarding strictly necessary Cookies, if you wish to delete them or automatically set them to be blocked, you can do so as explained in the instructions in Section 6 (Security, Management, and Blocking of Cookies).

2. What are Cookies used for?
Cookies can be used to ensure the functioning of certain essential website features, increase their efficiency, and allow owners to collect user information and preferences. Cookies also serve to show you advertising that is more relevant to your interests based on your browsing history and previously installed Cookies.

The specific use of each type of Cookie is described throughout this Policy.

3. What are Cookies used for?
The Website uses various categories of cookies, each with different purposes:

- Strictly Necessary Cookies: Without these cookies, it would not be possible to ensure the basic functionality of the Website and provide access to functions that you explicitly request. Therefore, these cookies cannot be disabled in our systems. They can be used to provide access to functions like booking your stay, logging in, or ensuring your security while browsing the website. You can configure your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but doing so may affect the functioning of the Website.

- Personalization Cookies: These cookies enable a personalized browsing experience for the user and access to functions that, while not strictly necessary, can enhance their interaction with the Website.

- Analytical Cookies: These cookies are used to collect statistical information. Website owners can analyze the usage of their websites and how users interact with their pages using this information. This type of cookies can also be used in conjunction with advertising cookies to measure interactions with advertisements placed on the websites. Additionally, these cookies can be used for conversion analysis and to determine how often a user clicked on a particular advertisement, supporting the controller in advertising decisions and management on the Website.

- Advertising Cookies: These cookies make advertising more relevant and attractive to users and advertisers, especially through personalized recommendations. They can be used to show personalized ads based on your preferences and to prevent showing ads that you have already seen or marked as irrelevant, improving the reliability of campaign performance reports.

- Location Data: When you expressly authorize us to do so, we may collect data about your location to provide you with a service that depends on your location.

4. Which entity places the Cookies?
Each Cookie has a domain name associated with it and, concerning their origin, can be classified into the following categories:

- First-Party Cookies (own cookies): Cookies managed and stored by the domains of the Controller or its affiliates.

- Third-Party Cookies: These are cookies placed on the user's device from a domain or device managed by a third-party entity that has its content or technological solution integrated into the Website. In these cases, the third-party entity may process data collected through the Cookies, and Hotel Miracorgo may not have the ability to configure their operation. You can find more detailed information about the first-party and third-party cookies we use in the link provided in the previous section.

5. Cookie Duration
In terms of duration, cookies can be classified as:

- Session Cookies: These will be stored until the session ends or shortly after the session ends, either when the browser or application used to access the Website is closed.

- Persistent Cookies: These are stored for longer periods, and user action or the expiration of their storage period is required to delete these cookies.

6. Security, Management, and Blocking of Cookies

Since Cookies can be intercepted or altered, the following security measures are taken:

- Sensitive information such as passwords or personal data used for booking stays, such as the customer's address or phone number, is not stored.
- Non-secure requests (HTTP) are not sent where cookies are sent to the browser in plain text and can be intercepted.

To ensure users' rights and data privacy and protection, the Website provides a tool for managing Cookies. Through this tool, users can, at any time, configure their preferences regarding the Cookies used on the Website, including obtaining additional information about them and giving or withdrawing their consent for the use of Cookies.

Alternatively, most web browsers also allow users to control Cookies through their settings, enabling users to view the stored Cookies and delete them immediately. You can also change your browser settings to block the installation of new Cookies or to be notified each time a cookie is placed on your device.

- For more information about the "Incognito Mode" function and managing Cookies in the Google Chrome browser, click here.
- For more information about the "InPrivate Browsing" function and managing Cookies in the Microsoft Edge browser, click here.
- For more information about the "Private Browsing" function and managing Cookies in the Mozilla Firefox browser, click here.
- For more information about the "InPrivate Browsing" function and managing Cookies in the Internet Explorer browser, click here.
- For more information about the "Private Browsing" function and managing Cookies in the Opera browser, click here.
- For more information about the "Private Browsing" function and managing Cookies in the Safari browser, click here.

7. Changes to the Cookie Policy

The Controller reserves the right to change, add, update, or delete, in whole or in part, this Cookie Policy at any time and without prior notice. When changes are relevant, the Controller will invite users to read the Policy and revisit their Cookie preferences using the Cookie management tool on the Website.

Last modified: 22/10/2023