Visit Vila Real

  • Museu da Vila Velha em Vila Real

    Museu da Vila Velha, Rua de Trás-os-Muros, Vila Real, Portugal .

    The Museu da Vila Velha constitutes the culmination of the archaeological campaigns carried out in recent years in Vila Velha. The work carried out has already yielded results of an unimaginable dimension to the general public. However, it is intended that these same works continue, thus contributing to an accumulation of information - and collection - that will have as its most obvious consequence the exhibitions to be held by the Museu da Vila Velha. At the same time, there is a desire to increase the number of archaeological areas open to the public, in addition to the existing ones - the structure of the Portas da Vila and the remains of urban layout in Rua de S. Dinis.

  • Passadiços do Corgo

    R. da Guia 6, 5000-621 Vila Real .

    The Corgo River, with a length of 2.5 km, much of which is covered by wooden walkways, is followed by the Corgo River Boardwalks. These boardwalks run along the urban landscape of Vila Real and the banks of the Corgo River, which is situated on one of the cliffs near the Miracorgo Hotel. As you stroll along this path, let yourself be enchanted by a rich diversity of flora and fauna, explore the steep cliffs, and discover picturesque waterfalls and weirs that are part of the Corgo Natural Trails.

  • Mateus House Foundation

    Casa de Mateus, 5000-291 Vila Real, Portugal .

    The Mateus House Foundation is a cultural institution in Vila Real, Portugal, located in the historic Mateus House, an 18th-century Baroque mansion. The foundation is dedicated to promoting culture, education, arts, and sciences. It houses a notable library, an art collection, and hosts cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions, and conferences. Additionally, Mateus House is renowned for its Port wine and has a literary connection to Eça de Queirós' work "The Mateus House." The foundation plays a vital role in preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the region, making it a significant tourist destination in the Douro region.

  • Parque do Corgo

    5000 Vila Real, Portugal .

    The Corgo Park, also known as Corgo River Park, is an urban park located in the city of Vila Real. Since its opening in 2005, Corgo Park has been one of the "crown jewels" of the city of Vila Real, spanning both banks of the river from which it takes its name.

  • Museum of Archaeology and Numismatics of Vila Real

    Av. 1º de Maio 60, 5000-651 Vila Real .

    The Museum of Archaeology and Numismatics of Vila Real is a space that features exhibitions related to the archaeology and numismatics of the region. Located in Vila Real, Portugal, the museum offers a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the area, with a collection of archaeological artifacts and coins dating back to different periods. It is a place of interest for those who wish to explore the historical heritage of the Trás-os-Montes region.

  • Museum of Sound and Image

    MUSEU DO SOM E DA IMAGEM, Alameda de Grasse, Vila Real, Portugal .

    As part of the network of museums in the Municipality of Vila Real, the Museum of Sound and Image was created to preserve the significant collection of the former Avenida Theater, which has been in the possession of the Municipality since 1999. Numerous additional items have been added to this initial collection over time, including acquisitions, donations, and deposits from various institutions and private collectors.

  • The NaturWaterPark - Douro Amusement Park

    NaturWaterPark - Parque de Diversões do Douro, Lda, Vila Real, Portugal .

    The NaturWaterPark - Douro Amusement Park, located in Vila Real, Portugal, is a water park and leisure complex where visitors can enjoy various water attractions, including slides, pools, and other recreational activities. It's a popular destination for families and individuals looking to cool off and have fun during the warm summer months.

  • Sé Catedral de Vila Real

    Sé Catedral de Vila Real / Igreja de São Domingos, Avenida Carvalho Araújo, Vila Real, Portugal .

    A Sé de Vila Real, also known as the Church of São Domingos, São Domingos Convent, or Vila Real Cathedral, is situated in Vila Real, Portugal. Built in the 15th century, it is considered the finest example of Gothic architecture in the Trás-os-Montes region. It has been the seat of the Diocese of Vila Real since 1924.