Located in the landscapes of Northern Portugal, between Alvão and Marão, with rich cultural and historical heritage.

For families planning their next getaway, the city of Vila Real offers adventures that promise entertainment for all ages. And for a perfect stay, Hotel Miracorgo offers the promise of comfort and warm hospitality.

Let's explore the top 5 family destinations in Vila Real that make it a must-visit for all travelers.

1. Palácio de Mateus: A Journey Through History.
Immerse your family in the splendor of the 18th century at the Palácio de Mateus. With its stunning Baroque architecture and idyllic gardens, it's a place where fairy tales come to life. Explore the ornate rooms, marvel at the art collection, and wander through its grounds that invite playful discovery at every turn.

2. Alvão Natural Park: Mountain Adventure
Get ready for an adventure in the Alvão Natural Park, where nature's wonders await you. From hiking trails leading to stunning waterfalls like the Fisgas de Ermelo to picnics amidst its scenic beauty, it's an outdoor paradise offering endless exploration opportunities for the whole family.

3. Douro River: A Journey Through the History of Wine.
A visit to Vila Real is incomplete without experiencing the majestic Douro River. Take a family cruise along this waterway, surrounded by terraced vineyards and picturesque landscapes. It's a serene way to connect with nature and each other, creating moments to cherish forever.

4. Carreira Gardens: A Peaceful Stroll
Step into the peaceful Carreira Gardens, a perfect spot for a relaxed afternoon. Let the children play among the greenery while you enjoy a leisurely walk or simply relax on the garden benches. It's a refreshing retreat in the heart of Vila Real city.

5. Corgo Walkways: An Evening Walk
For an evening stroll, head to the Corgo River Valley, just a few minutes' walk from your Hotel Miracorgo. With panoramic views of the river winding through the valley, it offers the best moments for family photos.

Enjoy Memories at Hotel Miracorgo
After a day of adventure, retreat to the comfort of your Hotel Miracorgo, where family accommodations await you. From our family packages to culinary experiences that will delight all ages, we ensure that your stay in Vila Real is as enjoyable as the adventures outside.

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